I am a regular contributor to the blog called Black, White and Gray  hosted by Patheos. I use my insights from teaching and research in virtue ethics, positive sociology and human flourishing to reflect on current events and new ideas.

Here are some other pieces I wrote for the general public.

9/16/2011. Blog published by First Things about World Youth Day 2011: Insights on Youth Catholicism.

8/10/2011. Interview with Anthony Gill for  Research on Religion Podcast series where I discuss my book Faith Makes Us Live.

11/22/2010. New posting, “Another Modernity: Thanksgiving Among Haitian Catholics,” for the University of Notre Dame’s Contending Modernities blog.

10/21/10. Review of Faith Makes Us Live by Marifeli Perez-Stable published in the Miami Herald.

6/23/2010. Interview with the National Center for Haitian Apostolate, again discussing Faith Makes Us Live.

3/8/2010. Review of Faith Makes Us Live by Brian Howell in Books & Culture.

2/24/2010. New guest posting, “Disaster, Religion, and Resilience,” for the Social Science Research Council’s Immanment Frame blog.

2/19/2010. New article, “Resilient Faith,” for America. (Print edition published March 1, 2010.)

2/18/2010. Interview and profile with the Carolina Population Research Center,”Hope for Haiti Comes from Within: Religion, Resilience, and Recovery.”

1/24/2010. New letter to the editor, “Source of Strength and Renewal,” to the Miami Herald.

9/22/2009. New essay, “Faith Makes Us Live: Surviving and Thriving in the Haitian Diaspora,” in The Public Discourse.

8/31/2009. New guest posting, “Religious Narratives and the Adaptation of Immigrants,” for the University of California Press’s authors’ blog.

3/28/2008. New cowritten article (with Deborah Rivas-Drake), “Colleges Need to Recognize, and Serve, the 3 Kinds of Latino Students,” for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

3/27/2009. New cowritten article (with Camille Z. Charles, Mary J. Fischer, and Douglas S. Massey), “Affirmative Action Programs for Minority Students: Right in Theory, Wrong in Practice,” for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

5/25/2007. My paper “Religion, College Grades and Satisfaction among Students at Elite Colleges and Universities” was cited in a New York Times Op-Ed Column by David Brooks.