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History of Zion Baptist Church

Members of the Engaged Scholars listening to the history of this multi-ethnic congregation.

Reverend Wright

Reverend Wright telling us about the history of this African-American and immigrant Black congregation. When the congregation outgrew the original church, they built a new church and made the old church a museum of African-American and Cape Verdian history on Cape Cod.

Engaged Scholars Studying Congregations, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

With other scholars who study religion visiting the Zion Union Baptist Museum in Hyannis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The statue represents a man carrying the globe.

Zion Union Heritage Museum, Hyannis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Reuniting with international friends

I was the discussant on a panel about educational attainment. One of the presenters was Silvia Giorguli, the former Vice-President of the Mexican Society of Demography. I first met Silvia and the Mexican Society of Demography meetings in Merida, Mexico, in October 2008.