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American Sociological Assocation Book Exhibit

Ruben Rumbaut and I chatted in front of the University of California Book Exhibit at the American Sociological Association that featured my book. This picture was taken on Monday, August 10th.

My poster session

I explained my poster to new people as well as to many old friends from Princeton who came by to say hello, like Monica Espinoza-Higgins. My friend Cris Beauchemin from the French National Institute for Demography (INED) also came by, and I was very happy to speak about demography in French for a while.

New friends from Princeton

PAA means meeting old friends and getting connected to up-and-coming scholars like these Princeton graduate students Alex Rivas and Julia Gelatt.

Seldom Blues hosts

Katherine Donato, Bill Kandel and Kristin Espinoza at Seldom Blues

Dinner at Seldom Blues with Doug Massey

A nice reunion with my former mentor and collaborator Doug Massey.

Traveling to PAA

I leave on Wednesday, April 29th, for the Population Association Meetings of America. While there, I will be attending numerous panels as well as presenting a poster about my new research on religion, international migration and aging. Check back for updates and pictures!