Positive Sociology in the Classroom

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Job Crafting Exercise

Job Crafting Exercise

“Reflective Best Student Self and Reflective Best Classroom Exercise, written by Margarita Mooney

My recent visit with Jane Dutton of the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship inspired me to adapt some of their practical exercises for building leadership and thriving workplaces to my own classroom. Dutton and colleagues have created two tools, the Job Crafting Exercise, a tool designed to make people’s jobs more engaging and fulfilling, and the Reflected Best Self Exercise, which helps people identify their character strengths and help build on their unique strengths and talents. Based on those tools, I created my own tool, which I called  the Reflective Best Student Self and Reflective Best Classroom Exercise. Here it is! Reflected Best Self Exercise

Objective: One of the principles of positive psychology and positive sociology is that we can identify our character strengths, build strong relationships, and foster enabling social environments to be our best self and to be able to give to others. In this exercise, we will reflect on what about ourselves and our classroom has enabled us to get the most out of this learning experience. Although your answers will be anonymous, your fellow students and I will read them so we can further reflect on our best selves and our best classroom environment.”

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